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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 5, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we are told the teen was hit at least once in the up are body. no word on his condition a crew is on the way to the scene. a murder of a uva lacrosse player. the college campus is still reeling from the news. right now they are hold a vigil to honor yardley love. meanwhile, we are learning more about the suspect. >> brian, some of the new details we're learning tonight are about some of the evidence that appears to implicate yardley love's exboyfriend george huguely. he is already charged with first degree murder. this is a crime that has really gripped in campus for the past three days. tonight the campus is coming tonight for a campus-wide vigil to remember love and say good- bye. this was not how yardley love was supposed to be remembered. the vibrant young woman and lacrosse player was about to graduate from the university of
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virg virginia until her life was cut shot. george huguely, a uva lacrosse player and love's exboyfriend is charged with murder. police recovered a red stained uva shirt from huguely and a note left for her. her violent death has hit the campus hard. teammates and friends have called love an angel. >> there was not a mean cell in her body. she was goodness epitomized. >> we are mourning. it's important for us to unify and come together to recognize yardley and get through this tragedy together. >> now, both huguely and love played lacrosse here at uva. a school official says that both teams planned to play on.
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they are preparing for the national tournament later this month, although the women's lacrosse team we understand has not had any organized practices at this point. right now they are scheduled to have a press conference where the president of the university are speak about tonight's vigil. we will have an update for you hopefully later in the newscast. meantime, police in lexington ton, virginia, are providing details about george huguely's arrest last year for resist arrest, public swearing and intoxication. an officer says she became abusive and she had to taser him. the government is ordering more security changes at the nation's airports after the times square bomb suspect was able to board a plane even though he was on a no fly list. airlines are required to check no fly lists now two hours
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after changes. previously it was 24. >> what we wanted to do was ensure that there was a mechanism in place that requires that that list be continually changed. >> federal investigators say shahzad claims he was turning -- trained in pakistan's region. they are not sure if he was acting alone or part of a larger international plot. meanwhile, on capitol hill there was talking about keeping fire out of terrorist's hands. it allows people on terrorist watch lists to still buy guns and explosives. tom fitzgerald was there as the men took a hessage to congress. >> the big apple's mayor arrives in washington with a big warning to lawmakers. >> it's time to close this terror gap in our gun laws. >> that gap, says mayor michael
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bloomberg, allows people who are on the government's list of suspected terrorist to still have a chance to clear a background check and buy explosives and guns. >> we are the target. we are going to be the target again. >> new york police commissioner ray kelly told the submit homeland security committee times square suspect faisal shahzad bought his gun only six weeks before the attempted attack. >> and he had it with him in the car that he drove to jfk airport. >> this hearing was scheduled before saturday's attempted car bombing and in large part due in this government accountability report which had disturbing findings when it comes to how easy it's been for people on the government's watch list to buy firearms and explosives. in the last since years, 1200 background checks have been run on people on the fbi's watch list. it resulted in only 10% of those ap cases being denied.
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>> they may be about to go kill some americans. >> they are talking about a second amendment right. some of the people pushing this idea are also pushing the idea of banning handguns. >> but grease itself drew fire for not send more homeland security money to big terror targets like washington and new york. the only thing we have to make sure is we don't willy-nilly give everybody homeland security when they don't really need it. >> a need that officials are all too ware will not be going away any time soon. >> despite in investigation in both new york, the mayor and police commissioners say they never considered cancelling their trip to washington today. instead in the wake of the attempted attack, the mayor says it was even more important to him that congress him from his directly. >> a quiet remembrance by the members of rolling thunder. they honored the victims at the
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pentagon memorial. this is part of the ride to colorado. when they get to colorado, the bikers will race five flags from scenes of conflict signaling the beginning of the games which run through the 10th through 14th. lending a helping hand to keep soldiers this their homes. that's the purpose of a new bill to provide billions in support of families. president obama said it's the country's moral obligation to take care of veterans. >> keeping faith with our veterans and their families is work that is never truly finished. as a nation, as beneficiaries of their service, there is always more that we can and must do. >> the bill will give caregivers health care and a monthly stipend. it also provides post-delivery care to female veterans newborns, a child care program and homeless programs. $3.7billion is the cost over
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five years. the schedule on metro's oldest and busiest rail line isn't cut it. it's been about six years that the schedule was changed on a line that keeps grow. monday the proposed chains, running eight car trains on the red line to keep up with capacity. reading and writing may last longer. a push to extend the school day. plus, a funeral home shut down. and caught on camera. police zero in on a suspected carjacker. the take down you got to see. we're back. black t .ie
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when you have an allergy attack? benadryl® is more effective than claritin® at relieving your worst symptoms -- runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes -- and works when you need it most. benadryl®. you can't pause life. a gruesome case from a maryland funeral home. at least 40 bodies piled up. we want to warn you. the details from this scene are disturbing. word of what has happened has one local university taking abc. beth parker live at chambers
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funeral home in riverdale with the story. >> brian, a state official tells us that the bodies were, quote, piled up like trash in that brick building right back there. the bodies were not kept refrigerated. most of the corpses here at chambers were cadavers from georgetown university's school of medicine. the university said it is sever its ties with the crematorium. one of the teens says the cool has the deep commitment to the sacred trust of donors and their families. the funeral home is about forced to close on friday. the state doesn't have the power to shut down the crematorium.: are you worried at all about how they would handle the remains? >> no. no. i think it's probably an unfortunate thing that's happened. just so many come at one time.
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>> now, thomas chambers, the owner of the une funeral home, told us this morning that he is sorry for what happened. he described it as, "a slight error in judgment." afternoon traffic in montgomery county snarled by a messy wreck. a dump truck rolled over this afternoon. the driver got out okay. there is still backups at this hour. on to virginia and a college student turned council member. he is a williamsburg city council member. he beat out three other people for the seats. before he gets down to city business, he is going to finish his finals and blow off some steal with a little fishing. prince william county school students may have a longer school day until the end of the year. that's how the district decided to make up snow days.
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the plan is to stay an extra 10 minutes each day start monday. the oil rig in the gulf of mexico continues to ooze. we will have more on the cleanup efforts. plus, this is an unmanned submarine. you will be amazed to learn what engineering students at the university of maryland say it can do. [ male annncer ] let's take the garden into our own hands.
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and our thinking a little greener. let's grab all the bags and all the plants and all the latest tools out there. so we can turn all these savings into more colorful shades of doing. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now get colorful 11" premium hanging baskets r just $14.98 each. this contraption might be the best shot at minimizing any more damage from the gulf. it's called a containment box. a 12 machine man crew will use a system of pipes in there to minimize further damage. bp, which owns the rig, says they are not sure if it's going to work. they have capped one of the three leaks. research on the cutting edge to figure things out on
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the ocean floor. perhaps one day we can figure out what went wrong with that rig in the gulf. ground breaking insight into owes. karen grey houston takes a closer look. >> the defense department is keeping a close eye on the robotics testing going on here at the ajames clark school of engineering. these are baby submarines they are working with. about three feet long, equipped with digital cameras. >> the camera is on the program bottom. when you see on top is the basic control system that allows the submarine to wiggle its rudder and turn on the propeller. >> he and his students are testing the subs. sometimes with transmitters to guide them. sometimes allowing them to navigate on their own. these experiments with unmanned submarines are being conducted under controlled conditions in
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a clearwater tank. but these young scientists say there are some unbelievable practical applications. unmanned robots could be helpful in the wake of that gulf coast oil rig explosion. hailey and his students say a system like theirs could monitor the extent of the oil spill. >> right now most of the observes are from satellites or aircraft. but these underwater systems could actually collect measurements regarding the growth and the spread of the oil spill. >> right now we could go down and see like where it is and what actually happened down there. they don't have any anmytronics to fibs anything. the researchers are hoping their system would come in handy in detecting potential terrorist threats in ports by scanning underneath ships for explosives. hailey and his students are work with six unmanned submarines at the moment.
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the 3 -- the district is rolling out a new way to get around. after a 50 year hiatus, street cars are make a come back. one of the city's sleek modern cars is on display from now until saturday. track construction already well underway. it's expected to be up and run in two years. members of the universus sole circus joined with the department of recreation to make a better place for the kids to play. it includes trees, flower garden, better basketball. picture perfect. got the car washed. >> i think that you will get several dry days out of it. we have a couple of showers and storms in the forecast, but they will be hit or miss.
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some bigot -- big improvement over the weekend. i bet that playground is getting a great workout. a bit of a breeze here and there, but really a delightful day. we are still hold at 82 degrees at this hour. let's run through the weather headlines so you know what to expect over the next couple of days. a weak front will come across tomorrow. there is a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm mainly east and out south of d.c. starting tomorrow afternoon. we will keep it in the forecast because that front, sometimes they surprise us and have a little more energy. that will be a spotty storm if we do get it on thursday afternoon. right now we think the weekend looks dry. there is still a chance we will see something late friday into, say, the first half of saturday. but our models continue to want to dry up the chances of that. it's look better than it did yesterday. we know it's going to be cooling down as we go through
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the weekend. for mom's day on sunday, it will be sunny and cooler. maybe temperatures in the mid to upper 60s for high temperatures. contrast that to what we have had most of this week, low 80s, including today. i think we are going to be really close it that mark tomorrow at 83 degrees. thursday still nice. of course, our temperature trend it going to take us and show us a little bit cooler trend for friday, as well as saturday, as we go through the next several days. now, tonight it's still 82 degrees. in gaithersburg, 81. lots of heaten to the weather map. we want you to see we begin to see the changes and cooler air starting to build in the northern plains. that will be the leading edge of a frontal system that is go to be heading in our direction. the pollen, that has been really, really high. our max hd satellite and radar, we are looking for a little rain to washout that grass pollen that has been heading in
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our direction. we have to look up to the great lakes to find showers and storms. that looks like it will be crossing tomorrow afternoon with that slight chance after shower or thunderstorm in the evening. specifics for this afternoon and this evening, a few clouds around. just some mid and upper 60s. 66 degrees downtown. for tomorrow we will call for a warm, breezy day. there could be an isolated storm in the afternoon primarily southeast f d.c. at 8:00 in the morning 68 degrees and mild conditions with lots of sunshine. it will be warm by noon at 79. i just want you to see a slight chance of that thunderstorm in the afternoon. the five be-day forecast, we continue to have what i would say is a very nice trin with our five-day. mom's day a little cooler. saturday about 75 degrees. and we're keep the rain out saturday now and even on friday because we think the chances of
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seeing anything are so slim. there may be something out there. the chances of you seeing any of those only about 20%. >> i like those chans. >> me, too. did you see police take down an armed suspect? check this thing out. he was running along the banks of the oregon river. caught on tape. officers chased him. he hopped from rock to rock. he thought the only way i'm going to get out of this thing, i will have to hop in the water. so he did. and then it turns out the guy wasn't a great swimmer and he realized he was caught. so he got back up on the robs. watch this. he reached into his pants like he was go to get is and he wasted. electricity and water not a good choice. he is in custody. he is the net's multimillion dollars arm. stephen strasburg moves one
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step closer to pitch. funny lady julia louise dreyfus received a star on the hollywood walk of fame. one problem. they misspelled her name. the ois gone. there is no dash, you know, the hyphen. the walk of fame people realized it, although not soon enough, and they had a new star in place within hours.
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good evening. the washington nationals are winning. they are getting along. they are playing as a team. not many fans are coming to watch them. that could change soon when a certain california righty shows up in june. stephen strasburg started three games during spring training, working nine innings while strike out 12. yesterday promoted to triple-a syracuse where he will make his
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international debut on friday. mike rizzo was asked about steven's thoughts on the promotion. >> he is excited about the new challenge. it's a step in the direction that he wants to be in. obviously, his confidence level is high. he believes he could be pitch in the big leagues right now, and that's the confidence level we wanted him out. >> how about when you haze him? >> he is hard to haze. he is such a nice guy. for as much pressure and hype that has been put on him, he handles it well. he is a professional. we are excited for him to get here to help us win. the caps were bounced last week from the playoffs have some tough diss to make. theodore is one of the teams nine unrestricted agents. he finished the season going 20- 0-3. he believes he deserves a chance to remain at the caps. ultimately, that decision is not his. >> as a player, you always want to make sure you did everything
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you can. this year i think i did everything i could, you know, to show them what i'm capable of. especially the last 2 5 games. the direction they will take, we'll see. he has been nominated for the nhl masterson's award. brian, back to you. the news edge following some breaking news. police and either of virginia officials will be giving us an update on the murder investigation of yardley love. >> brian, the university president and the athletic directser are talking in a press conference. one ever the big things is the president talking about this incident that yardley love's accused killer had in
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lexington, virg virginia. an officer said he threatened her and that they had to use a stun gun on him. today the president said the university was not aware of this incident, that it was never reported. so no disciplinary action was taken against him. the university president also talked about how difficult this has been for the campus and said there is really protocol for this type of thing. the athletic directer also talked a little about continue with the season and said that love's family is behind it. we will have the latest tonight at 10:00.  [ sneezes ] ♪ music plays ♪ [ sneezing ] ♪ ♪
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